The Database Cleaning Service That Changes Your Business.

Your contact database is your the single most valuable asset in your business.  SWEEP is a database cleaning service specifically designed for real estate agents and puts you back in control of your relationships.  

Unleash the power of your contacts with a clean database.

It begins with a centralized database which tackles your greatest problems – duplicates, missing information, and disorganized data.  SWEEP fixes these problems and much, much more.

Cleaning your databaseimproves data accuracy.


MAKE BETTER DECISIONS.  With a clean contact database, your days of struggling to make better marketing, prospecting, and overall strategic decisions are behind you.  Own the decisions you make and know they are based on clean and powerful data.

IMPROVE OVERALL EFFICIENCY. Inaccurate data directly impacts your time - as in the time you waste sifting through lists and lists trying to prospect.  Having a cleaned database with accurate data allows you to recapture that time for more revenue-generating activities.

PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION. There is nothing worse than your customers pointing our inaccuracies in your data as you reach out to them.  Bad addresses, important dates, and wrong names get in the way of establishing stronger relationships.

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Cleaning your databaseincreases data quality.


NATURALLY GROW YOUR MARKETING REACH.  The easiest way to grow your business is by ensuring you have complete data.  We fill in the missing data (email, phone, etc.) so you have more ways to nurture prospects.

INCREASE MARKETING EFFECTIVENESS.  When 50% of your contacts suffer from missing information, you can count on your marketing success suffering as a result.  Imagine what your potential can be when you have missing email and phone numbers pulled into your database. Our enrichment tools opens the door for this kind of improvement and growth to grow.

ENSURE FUTURE DATA QUALITY.  Why go through the database cleaning process only to have the problem repeat repeat itself over and over again.  We place the right safeguards in place to ensure all data going forward remains complete.

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Cleaning your databaseinstills data confidence


IMPROVE CLIENT EXPERIENCES.  Duplicate data is the worst! It guarantees that you are working from different information each time you reach for a contact.  Today you are calling Joe, tomorrow it's Joseph.  Your clients pick up on that and realize that you don't really know them.

REDUCE EMBARRASSING ERRORS. When your data is merged, perged, and de-duped, you gain tremendous confidence in your data, and as a result, expect to eliminate those embarrassing moments.  Using wrong names, old phone numbers, a work email instead of personal one - all lead.

STRONGER PIPELINE GROWTH.  When you have better data, you can forecast your future pipeline with more accuracy.  This leads to a more confidently ran business, which fuels even greater pipeline growth.  Eliminate the guess work from your strategy and execute those marketing plans with success.

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Cleaning your databaseimplements data centralization


SINGLE SOURCE OF TRUTH. Spreadsheets, Address Books, Even Post-It Notes are consolidated into a single, portable, up-to-date centralized location.  Reach your impossible goals knowing that your data is safe and secure in one location.

ACCELERATE INBOUND LEADS. Now that you have a centralized database, you can leverage the latest technologies to securely connect to many lead generating sources and sites.  Jump start your inbound lead flowand accelerate your prospects, pipeline, and commissions.

RUN YOUR SALES PLAYBOOK.  Once your data is in one central place, you get to take the most proven sales and marketing strategies and apply them universally across all contacts that are generated from countless sources.  Drive your business to new levels with the confidence that all data is in one place.

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Emails and Phone Numbers

The latest release of our platform includes searching for and adding missing and updated emails addresses and phone numbers.

Here’s What Happens During Your Database Cleanup

It’s important to understand that before we jump in to your data, we provide a snapshot of your complete data situation and and run our 10-point health check to make sure you understand the current state of your databse. . 

Remove Duplicates

We create a ‘super’ record by consolidating all duplicate records into a single record.

Fix Missing Data

Our Premium Enrichment Service fills in the missing blanks – especially phone and emails.

Parse Data

The painful process of separating one field into many which will give you more control of your messaging and prospecting.  Think:  Full Name now becomes First Name and Last Name.

Standardize Data

Our Standardization scripts ensure addresses, names, phone numbers, etc follow a clean and standard format.

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Consolidate Lists

Reach the Data Zen – the single source of truth –  when a consolidation of your databases, spreadsheets, and even post-it notes reside in one place.

Merge Data

Knowing what data to use or discard requires the perfect balance of art and science…and we know both.

purge contacts

Know when to let go is important – sometimes holding onto data too long can have a negative impact on your marketing and prospecting performance.


A little-known but important maintenance step is to Household your data.  This gives you to the flexibility to treat clients in the same household as individuals and as one household.  

Clean Up Your Database and Produce Close Earn Grow SaveMore

Understanding the Impact of a Clean Database

Every year, you ask yourself the same question.  And every year, this priority is kicked down the road.  But cleaning a real estate database is different and we understand why.    

Strengthen Every Relationship

Become a more discliplined marketer and prospector with a cleaned up database

Work from a Single Source of Truth

Work from a pristine database that maintains the highest of integrity.

Grow Top of Funnel Lead Generation

Lay the foundation to effective receive and convert new leads.

Increase Marketing Activity

Focus on messaging and engagement and stop wasting time on generating lists.

Grow New and Existing Segments

Clearly discover new niches and segments that have gone neglicted or forgotten.

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How Long Will This Take?

Every good Agent knows that having a system to follow helps create good habits and thus good discipline – let’s get to work on building your ideal database organization system.

The 14-Day Database Clean up Process


Start The SWEEP Clean Up Process

Welcome Email + Getting Started
Secure + Confidential Folders are Shared
Follow Our Step-by-Step Guides to Sharing Your Data.
Data Quality Assesment Report


SWEEP Clean Up Process Occurs

Basic Marketing Strategy Consult Call
SWEEP In Action: Real-Time Updates of Each Data Source
Before and After Summaries of Your Data Cleanup


Your Cleaned Database is Delivered

Consult Call to Review Final Results
Follow Our Step-by-Step Guide for Returning Your Data to It's New Home
Discuss Maintenance and Growth Options

Clean Up Your Database and Produce Close Earn Grow SaveMore

Simple Pricing for Everyone

Pricing built for all stages of your growth.  Super easy to start and you will always know what you are getting.  It’s that simple.




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Correct Data

SWEEP's Premium Services

Data Enrichment
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CRM Setup + Implementation

Monthly and Quarterly Maintenace Programs

Our Email, Phone, and Address Look Up Service is a premium service of SWEEP.  The fees charged are on 'matched record' basis and is not responsible for the accuracy or validity of the information collected.