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From start to finish, our process for sending professionally designed emails to the NYC broker community is a snap.

One Flat Price Per Listing.


What is REACH?

REACH NYC Brokers with Confidence

REACH maintains the highest of deliverability rates.  Our Intelligent  Campaigns continually grows agent interest DIRECTLY after each email sent.

Verified Agent Email Addresses

Fields Used to Targeted Agents

Avg Delivery Rate

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One Flat Price Per Listing


Engaging Email Designs

We generate Agent engagement with our professionally designed emails.  The Call To Action buttons are tracked and targeted to make it easy for an Agent to respond.  

Intelligent Campaign Performance

By tracking the past activity, we will ensure increased agent response rates in future emails.

We are proud of the relationships that have been formed over the last 15 years.

Every Email Is Targeted

Each email we send is targeted based on the last activity that took place.  We push every agent down the journey of reaching out to you – step by step.

Owner Marketing Reports

Measure the performance of your emails. and have important conversations with your owner about your marketing efforts.

Getting Started

4 Easy Steps to Begin Using Reach for your Email Broadcasts.

Our flat price includes one email blast per week.  Select one of yoru three custom designed templates – Open House, Listing Appointment, General Listing Promotion.

Step 1

Activate you Listing E-Blast with REACH.

Step 1

Review Professionally Designed Templates and Target Agents

Step 3

We Send Weekly Emails and Campaign Reports

Step 4

Review Results and Grow Campaign

Who Uses Reach?

Email Marketing Best Practices Used Industry-Wide.

Our approach to using digital marketing best practices when it involves email marketing campaigns can be used in every niche in our industry.

Individual Listings

Perfect for targeted or broad-reaching audiences.  Whether resales or rentals, we are able to hit the right inboxes to promote your listings.

Rental Buildings

Email marketing of an rental building requires a nuanced plan to avoid over the saturation of your brand and message while targeting the specific agents who represent the tenants to lease your units.

Development Marketing

Every property type has a speciality sales person.  We are able to cross-sell your existing projects within your developer’s portfolio and within your company.

Open Houses, Tours, + Events

Shifting from listing marketing to event promotion requires careful segmenting of targeted audiences.  We go past the promotion conversions to event participation conversions.

Our Best Work

Recent Email Blast Projects and Case Studies

Focus on Email Deliverability

We understand what it takes to maintain a 98% inbox placement rate. Our agent targeting process maintains “Email Happiness” since we sent your listings to the agents who are most interested in them.

Dealing with a challenging situation with your business?

We can put you on the right path towards success.  Share your real estate marketing ideas and goals.  We have the right plan, products, and service that is ready for you to implement. 

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If you need to reach us, please call or text us at (917) 420-0065.

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