Our Story

Square foot advisors

How we Started

Establishing a
Back-to-Basics Approach.

In 2010, Square Foot Advisors set out to help real estate agents and teams recognize that their real estate career is more than an ‘independent contractor’ doing deals – they are a business with operations, strategies, and a brand.   Through our hands-on advisory services, led with a ‘back-to-basics’ approach to build a scalable business.

Technology Development

Marketing Strategy

Competitive Operations

Focusing On Results

We implement the systems and procedures that unlocked growth.


We monitor the effectivness of processes and created systems that allowed agents, teams, and brokerage firms to track their results.  We have the data to show the impact of our work and the growth – team size, commissions, profitability – to support our efforts.

A Trusted Partner

And earned your trust as a partner who can help make the changes needed reach your goals.

Our Values

Continual Learning

We remain aware of all that we don’t know. This keeps us grounded, realistic, pragmatic and humble

Fact-Based Decisions

Emotions are important and should not be ignored, but our strategic decisions are based on facts and the underlying data that we collect.  That is how we support the the decisions we make regarding your business.

Remain Entrepreneurial

We are polished in the front, and scrappy in the back.  That balance is what keeps us moving forward, pushing the creative limits of our industry, while still delivering high quality work worthy of your trust and reputation.  

Be The Best

It's a bit audacious, but we beleive in it.  If we are doing something, we act and deliver as if we are the leading expert in the space.  We push ourselves to peak performance with everything we are involved with.  

Changing The Industry

Today, we have grown to positively impact our clients and industry while still remaining true to our core passions.

The Details

Behind the Scenes

Here is a closer look at what makes Square Foot Advisors so successful.

Our Vision

The Team

Our Work

Join Us

The Fine Print


Recent Projects and Case Studies

Dealing with a challenging situation with your business?

We can put you on the right path towards success.  Share your real estate marketing ideas and goals.  We have the right plan, products, and service that is ready for you to implement. 

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If you need to reach us, please call or text us at (917) 420-0065.

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