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Square Foot Advisors designs, implements and trains your support team to ensure that the back-office part of your business always runs smoothly. We focus our expertise on real estate agents, teams and brokerage firms; our success is tied directly to your increased revenue.

Leaedership team

Meet the Leadership team of Square Foot Advisors

Warren Hershkowitz

Warren Hershkowitz

Chief Marketing Officer

How to Leverage Square Foot Advisors

If you already have some type of back-office in place, Square Foot Advisors evaluates your existing procedures and capabilities and will make the necessary recommendations and provide training so that your team is working at its greatest potential and efficiency. Our comprehensive Real Estate Operations Assessment is a key tool that you can use to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

The process begins with a thorough analysis of your existing business functions while integrating your future goals and business plan strategy. Square Foot Advisors truly becomes your partner – a partner in helping you reach your goals by creating an effective and efficient operations environment, leaving you to focus on areas where you earn your most money, face-to-face with your clients and generating new business.



We are not…

We are not an employee sitting at a desk waiting for you to tell us what to do. We help define your goals and visions and implement the details and logistics to make them happen while proactively working to help grow your business. In the end, you will become the beneficiary of a team of real estate professionals with over thirty years of collective real estate operations, sales and marketing experience.