Come work at Square Foot Advisors

Business Analyst (The Problem Solvers) apply now

The backbone of our firm and the role model for creative, resourceful, real estate solution problem solvers, out Business Analysts implement what our Strategic Planners take away from their weekly meetings with our clients.

Having access to our vast library of resources, manuals, documents, forms and systems, you will create and customize the policies, procedures and systems for our clients based on the suggestions of our Strategic Planners.

The ideal Business analyst will have experience working in a real estate brokerage company in a coordinator, director or project manage role. You will have had worked on projects involving multi-faceted components, i.e. Marketing and IT, Finance and Operations, etc.

Strategic Planner (Your Hand Holder) apply now

If you have a dynamic background in real estate, radiate patience, a deep understanding of business operations and a keen eye for perfection then you are part of the select few who will keep our clients focused on the key goals and milestones that Square Foot Advisors sets for them

You will attend regular meetings with our clients and brainstorm over the latest challenges and opportunities that our clients encounter. Then, working alongside our Business Analysts, you will deliver the operations, sales and marketing solutions that are required to continually reach our clients' growth targets.

Graphic Designer (The Dreamers) apply now

As part of our ever-growing scope of services, marketing, marketing and marketing has replaced location and the vital reason for a successful company. You will need to display strong skills in design, while maintaining a solid understanding of delivering materials with practicality and functionality in mind.

Web Designer / .net Developer (The Magicians) apply now

We need people who know how to make that browser jump through hoops. We have a constant flow of development work from all of our clients. Listing Systems, CMS Sites, E-commerce Applications and other mission-critical business systems are just a few of the many projects that you will be involved in.

You will balance your work between square foot advisors-based projects and client-based project. Either way, knowledge of managing data feeds, real estate listing systems, content management systems are desired.

SQL / Database Specialist (The Architects) apply now

Being able to provide our clients with the business intelligence needed to make the right, real-time decisions is a central pillar to the value proposition we give our clients.

Having the skills to not only set up the necessary physical and logical data structures but think analytically and create the business intelligence infrastructure is a critical part of this job. Developer (Our Pride and Joy) apply now

It's our P&J because of where we place in our arsenal of the center.

Executive / Admin Assistant (The Real Heroes) apply now

These are the front line workers in our operation. Although most will candidates will wind up working directly for our wonderful clients, we provide full training on the systems and procedures which we put in place in order to maintain the highest level of service and support.

From time-to-time, we may have this position available for Square Foot Advisors, so either way, an interview and training with us will ultimately lead to a great job and opportunity.