Real Estate Growth and Planning Strategies

Why Plan...

Whether you are an independent sales agent or an owner of a brokerage firm, you must have asked yourself at one time or another, "Why plan? It only gets in the way of what would have happened anyway." That's a fatalistic notion often held by many, many of your colleagues because many of them believe that they are at the mercy of larger competitors. When, in fact, for many, exactly the opposite is true.

Think of the reasons for your success. You'll probably come up with a series of traits that are uniquely your personal characteristics that larger competitors cannot begin to duplicate. That's why you're as successful as you are. Or maybe you are struggling to reach that first plateau and need guidance on how to get there. Either way, Square Foot Advisors has tools and resources designed to organize and grow your business.

Is it really hard work?

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We all have an aversion to doing anything on our job that does not immediately help the situation we are now experiencing. However, it is also true that a little foresight and action before the fact can help eliminate many of the problems we face each day.

That is what planning does. Additionally, we give you a step by step outline to:

  • Determine where the you want to go
  • Identify of the possible roadblocks along the way
  • Formulate responses and solutions to overcome those roadblocks
  • Keep you on track to reach its planned goals

Planning allows you to...

  • Work from a Business Plan
  • Think strategically about your business
  • Identify what you need to succeed
  • Incorporate technology into your every day activities
  • Present yourself as the brand and expert to your clients
  • Take an assessment of your existing operation

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