Mobile Marketing

Stay Connected, Build Relationships.

Often referred to as the 3rd screen, more communication is clearly happening on a handset. Consider that there are 300 million text messaging enabled phones in the US and 97% of SMSs are opened within 15 minutes… are you prepared? As part of this custom partner solution, we will energize your business model through Mobile Marketing. We collaborate with our clients to introduce powerful solutions tied to the bottom line.

Whether it’s text messaging, mobile-commerce, mobile-media or a mobile application, let us mobilize your business.

Text Messaging

This involves the distribution of a permission based message restricted by 160 characters or less. Text messages can be used to develop opt-in lists, distribute offers and amplify other marketing mediums. Examples include text-to-win promotions, text coupons and text message trivia.

Mobile Commerce

A revenue based model in which a mobile device is used to conduct a secure transaction involving the transfer of ownership or rights to a product or service. Examples include news subscriptions, consumer goods and other products typically purchased via the internet.

Mobile Media

An entertainment led approach to serving mobile optimized content to a specific user’s mobile device. Often times, Mobile Media is time sensitive and based on unique content that an individual has opted in to receive. Examples include podcasts and mobile websites.

Mobile Applications

A one-to-one based tactic designed to service a customer’s unique needs on their handset. Whether or not they need to find the nearest Subway restaurant or are looking to see how many gallons of oil they need to purchase, we can build an application to meet this need.

Separate Yourself from the Pack

We recognize that brands are often reluctant to invest in new technology. We will help your team sell-in the right mobile solution and ensure that your expectations are met. Let us help you use mobile as either a stand alone strategy or as a compliment to an integrated marketing effort.