Analytics and Campaign Management

Intelligent Target Marketing

Customers can learn more about where their visitors come from and how they interact with their site. The information that is collected will help marketers to write better ads, strengthen marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting campaigns.

At Square Foot Advisors we understand how to leverage analytic data to provide our clients with actionable recommendations to improve the performance of their marketing campaigns. We believe in it so much we have integrated our Peer360 email marketing platform with Google Analytics. Our analytics and optimization team is lead and staffed by certified analytics professionals. We use a variety of methods to closely monitor campaign and website performance and make strategic adjustments when necessary.

Benchmarking & Planning

The starting point for our analytics projects is goals review and benchmarking, encompassing all elements of your online and offline marketing campaigns. From this analysis we develop and implement a comprehensive multi-channel tracking plan to monitor the effectiveness of each campaign in driving interest and resulting conversions.


This involves implementation and testing of the agreed upon tracking plan across multiple channels. It also includes customization of agreed upon analytics software tools and design and creation of custom reporting.


We closely key monitor campaign performance metrics, analyze relative to industry benchmarks and generate and implement recommendations to optimize campaign performance. Optimization is a continuing process of review, analysis and refinement.

Ongoing Metrics Reporting, Analysis, & Campaign Optimization

Square Foot Advisors will provide monthly reports on the performance of your site or sites. We take a look at all of traffic driving mediums (cpc, banner ads, email, and referrals) individually to determine the success of each campaign relative to the investment (ROI).

Segmenting the data in this fashion gives us the ability to take action based upon the results. We pay particular attention to the cost per conversion of the campaigns making sure priority is given to the campaigns that result in the most conversions, and the lowest cost per conversion (those with the best ROI). We also analyze visitor behavior on the site to see if we can find any issues.

We set up a marketing funnel and check to see where they are dropping out of the funnel so we can go back and make changes to the site to increase conversion rates. We pay attention to the average time on the site and bounce rate by traffic medium, traffic source, and by the specific ad content or keyword phrase used to find the site. This data will help to optimize ppc/cpc campaigns, banner/online media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, etc.

All of the data is distilled into a dashboard that is exported to PDF format, and delivered to the client with an explanation of the report and what is being done to optimize to achieve the client's goals.

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