Lead Generation and Management

Having been in the Lead Management business since 1997, we are a pioneer in this facet of online marketing and have the capabilities to ensure your objectives are met. Through our strategic approach, we will identify the best process to not only manage your leads, but accelerate and sustain your business model.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is an ongoing process, not a series of one-time events. Some companies take a shot-gun approach...getting as many names as possible. They figure the odds will work in their favor, but end up spending more time and money than if they had done a better job targeting interested prospects in the first place. That is where Horizon Marketing Group steps in. By leveraging effective tactics that market to specific groups, we are able to help our clients generate quality leads that produce business. Not just bulk sales leads that waste time and money.

Lead Cultivation

Quality leads are the seeds that grow into profit generating steams of revenue. Once you begin the process of gathering valuable sales information, plans must be put into place that guides your sales opportunities through the entire sales cycle. We can help you evaluate profitable opportunities and devise a plan of action based on proven talent and processes. From database development to data analysis to process evaluation, we provide the insight and knowledge that can be applied for acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs.

Sales Excellence

Measuring sales results is the standard key success metrics for determining the success of a sales team. But a shift is beginning to occur in organizations from purely measuring sales revenues to a focus on improving the effectiveness of the sales organization. The new approach to sales performance means that organizations need to dig deeper into skill sets of the sales teams. Horizon Marketing Group has created a turn-key evaluation module that helps an organization identify the developmental needs of their Sales people while discovering their hidden potential.