Pay-Per Click (PPC)

The internet is most likely the first point of reference for both businesses and general public when searching for products and services. Competition for online line exposure is fierce. If your clients are not being found online you have the opportunity to provide them with a distinctive service.

Paid search advertising (known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click) will guarantee your client’s visibility in major search engine search results for any phrase(s) you choose. We set up the campaigns focusing in on the client’s unique business goals. Ads are shown in search engine results pages (SERPs) and when clicked upon a fee is deducted from the client’s daily budget.

Square Foot Advisors provides Paid Search Advertising services for small to mid-size agencies that don’t have in-house paid search expertise. Horizon Marketing Group will be your SEM department, allowing you to expand upon your current list of services with no change in infrastructure. As an Authorized Horizon Marketing Group reseller, you will gain the competitive edge that comes with having an internal search marketing department, without the costly overhead of additional staff and training.

Offering your clients paid search services provided by Horizon Marketing Group will allow you to earn reoccurring revenue from search marketing with little time investment needed. Our certified team of search marketing strategists will even help in the presale process by providing presentation and proposal templates, answering questions and participating in conference calls with prospective clients. Reseller support is the cornerstone our program!