Mobile Advertising Strategies

Advertise in the Palm of Your Hand

The conversion with mainstream technology and the “third-screen” is becoming more prevalent everyday. Leading marketing analysts project 2009 will see accelerate growth in mobile based initiatives, as evident by the fact that over 84% of US Citizens have a mobile phone. With an increased usage of new smartphones companies can no longer afford to ignore mobile advertising. As an Authorized Horizon Marketing Group Reseller your agency can integrate effective mobile marketing strategies to your clients marketing mix.

Blackberry, Iphone, G1, and other smartphone users regularly use search engines to surf the internet. Mobile ad campaigns are increasingly becoming a required method for effectively reaching targeted customers. According to a study by Buzzcity a provider of global wireless communities and consumer services mobile advertising grew by 209% in 2008. In total, 382 million paid advertising banners were served to a U.S. audience during Q4 alone.

Mobile advertising campaigns are similar to their web based cousins with a couple slight differences. With mobile advertising, mobile pay-per-click campaigns and landing pages certain design and functionality must be implemented to ensure a client’s site displays properly on multiple mobile devices. Content must be kept to a minimum with the focus on the most critical information. Google also offers pay-per-call which eliminates the need for a web site all together.

If your agency doesn’t currently offer mobile ad campaigns, Horizon Marketing Group can be your mobile marketing partner, allowing you to offer these services to help your clients to reach their targets through the ever growing mobile channel while producing an ongoing revenue stream for your company. We can aide the sales process with presentation and proposal templates and by participating in conference calls or meetings with prospective customers. Reseller support is the cornerstone our program!