Email Marketing Strategies

Trackable Email Communications

We use the industry leading Peer360 digital communication suite of tools to ensure your investment in email marketing meets and exceeds your expectations. Since Square Foot Advisors realzes that no two emails are the same, we use a product like Peer 360 which is proven among hundreds of companies, delivering millions of emails on a monthly basis.

Send feature rich email marketing products, strategically executed by experts, offer multitudes of downloading, file sharing, and reporting capabilities to fully integrate offline and online marketing strategies.

Active partner participation in Peer360 education programs is critical to achieving the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. Partner education programs for Peer360 are designed to ensure that partner sales and support personnel can most efficiently develop all of the skills and knowledge necessary to excel at selling and supporting Peer360 E-Marketing Suite Applications.

Proven Communication Techniques and Tools

  • Email newsletters as an inexpensive way to reach clients
  • A way to drive traffic to clients' web sites
  • Online surveys and polls
  • Online campaign management
  • Custom reporting and analysis of email campaigns
  • Email list management and segmentation
  • Content and template development
  • Lead distribution
  • Online shopping cart functionality
  • Training and Support